Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The making of... RooR 'Frozen Inferno' (Part 2)

So the clothes were all in some stage of preparation and we started to think about the other details for the show: jewellery being one of the important aspects. We had thought about making the jewellery ourselves, we had some of the materials and we knew what we wanted it to look like. However we had to finally admit to ourselves that there was no way we could have done it all ourselves.

Through a mighty struck of luck (actually scratch that, more of God's perfect timing) I met someone at church who makes jewellery, Mimmie, and she took on the challenge of making a range exclusively for RooR. Mimmie and I took a trip down to Portobello Market to find some special beads and materials for the show. We found so many great stuff (and some pieces for myself too...don't judge me) and then Mimmie started her amazing creations. Because the feel of the show was Ice Queen we chose mainly glass beads and crystal in clear, pinks and blues.

We also started to talk music for the show. We knew we wanted an old school African sound and went through scores of Fela Ransome Kuti's old albums (courtesy of dad and one of our Uncle's music collection) and came across 'Waka Waka' and decided it was exactly what we were looking for.

We're still waiting for the official pictures and video from the show producer and will be updating our website RooR Design once we get them. In the meantime here are some of our shots from the show:

RooR AW2010 show (2)

RooR AW2010 show (4)

FrozenInferno (1)

FrozenInferno (9)

FrozenInferno (8)

FrozenInferno (12)

RooR AW2010 show (6)

FrozenInferno (7)

RooR AW2010 show (8)

RooR AW2010 show (1)

RooR AW2010 show (7)






Catwalk Professor - Mr Fierce, runway coach diva extraordinaire



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